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Kiara grasped her chosen Pokemon firmly as she stared at her mom from
across the field. The afternoon sun blazed as ever as Kiara kept the fire
burning in her heart. She threw the pink Poke Ball and the beam's 
silhouette became her beautiful companion.

"Come out, Gardevoir!"

As she took her second to stretch, her expected opponent came out. Out
came the evened height Zoroark, a black and red wolf-like Pokemon. She 
stood on her hind legs as her red claws ran through her long flowing fur,
almost looking like a very thick ponytail.

It didn't take long before both Pokemon seemed to be arguing. While 
Zoroark was showing off her locks, Gardevoir was flaunting her white 
dressed form.

"Enough flaunting, Gardevoir, use Misty Terrain!"

Kiara said in annoyance, trying to snap her Pokemon to focus. With 
Gardevoir's built up agitation, the blazing sun easily became a foggy
dimension. Her opponent was quick to react though and started to use 

"Use Disarming Voice, Gardevoir!"

From surprise, Gardevoir let out a glass breaking shriek as her opponent
appeared in front of her. It caused the opposing Zoroark to cover her ears
in pain, giving Gardevoir more time to use another move.

"Good job, Gardevoir! Now, use Imprison!"

As Zoroark was still recovering from the pain, she noticed the misty area
grew a barrier right before the clearing. She quickly used Fury Swipes on
Gardevoir. She caught Gardevoir off guard and got the chance to start 
having a devilish grin.

Her opponent started to use Taunt and kept bouncing around Gardevoir. 
It started to cause Gardevoir confusion from the sudden attacks, and her
opponent constantly zipping around her, using her own mist as an extra
strength. Kiara could see what her opponents Zoroark was doing and had
to think quick.

"Gardevoir, start building up your Stored Power!"

Gardevoir couldn't see anything in front of her but trusted her trainers
words. As soon as all her energy was formed into a ball by her hands,
Zoroark showed to use Foul Play. She unleashed that ball of energy,
which shot the Zoroark through the barrier. She too, falling to her knees
as the mist cleared away.

Kiara started to jump really high as she laughed with victory. She
gleamed at her Gardevoir as she looked back at her with a weak smile.
Kiara's mom was smiling as she drew back her fainted Pokemon. She
stared at her daughter with gratification as she nodded to herself.

"Don't forget, there's one more battle. Right now, it's a tie, we shall 
see who is really the winner."

Kiara nodded as she drew back her Gardevoir, who looked like she was 
too going to faint. She pulled out her last Pokemon with a determined 
huff and stared across the field where fate would be upon them within 
the next quick-passing minutes.
Kiara and her mother finally reached a spot in the local forest where
they could finally have their battle. She and her mom stood meters
away from each other as they gripped their first chosen Pokemon in
their hands. They could feel the excitement building up as the sun 
shown down its rays fiercely from the afternoon daylight.

"You ready for your last battle for a long time with your mother, for
all times sake?"

Kiara grinned confidently, she knew what Pokemon her mom beholds 
and she most definitely knows her own beloved Pokemon.

"Most definitely! Lets get this started!"

Kiara's mother grinned as she started to release her very own
Pokemon, easily expected to be stronger. A beam of red light start to
pop out of the opened Poke Ball that was thrown into the air as she 
called out it's name.

"Have fun, Pyroar!"

A lioness Pokemon formed from the red light. She was a dark brown
with light tan fur wrapped around her limbs, and stomach, leading up 
to her face and ears. Her eyes shown a fierce sea green as she gave 
her own roar, her red and yellow fiery mane flowing madly as she does 

As Kiara heard her new friend Beedrill buzz behind her, she let out her
chosen companion as a starter. He was too, like a lion. 

"Come out, Luxray!"

The light black and blue lion-like Pokemon snapped right out of his 
Poke ball with determination. He stared aggressively at his opponent.
He can remember back in the days when he was just a Shinx where he
would coddle with the opposed Pyroar while Kiara was out at school.
He gave a mighty yet comfortable roar and his golden eyes gave out a 

"Lets show Beedrill how things are done! Luxray, use Electric Terrain!"

Luxray started to tense up and his fur started to stick up, causing friction
all over his body. A substance started to form just a little bit over the 
ground where Luxray's feet stood, it looked like faint electrical waves. His 
opponent seemed to be tensing up as well. She was using work up. Kiara 
knew exactly what had to happen next.

"Luxray, use Charge!" 

Luxray started to charge towards the opponent, his body started to spark
wildly with electricity. He could only see his opponent which started to use
Flamethrower, a wave of flames shot out of the Pyroars mouth and washed 
over Luxray, making him focus a little more on not getting hit.

"Quick, use Thunder Fang!"

Luxray worked up all the electricity from his body and it started to form a
bright yellow ball inside his mouth, barely showing a light silhouette of his
sharp baring fangs. Before he could grab a bite of Pyroar, she used Headbutt
right on him. Causing him to quickly wail with shock and pain. Before Luxray
knew it, the lioness used Crunch.

"Luxray, use Spark!"

Luxray used what energy he could endure without the chance to rest since
last battle. His body started to spark with light and he quickly shocked 
Pyroar as much as he could before he fell to the ground. The Pyroar stared
at him quietly as she stood over his body, watching him huff in pain.

"Good job, Luxray!" 

Kiara called out, a red beam showed over his exhausted body as he was 
being put back into his Poke Ball. The last thing he saw was the Pyroar having
the same red light wrap around her form before he was put to rest. Kiara's 
mom looked impressed as she stared at her daughter.

"Considering your Luxray hasn't had a rest yet since this morning, he put 
up an amazing fight! We will continue to switch out like this so all of your
Pokemon don't end up exhausted."

Kiara nodded as she stared at the Luxury Ball that held her companion and
looked pleased as she took out her next Pokemon. 
Chapter Three: The Royal Battle

Pokemon In This Chapter:

#405 Luxray (LUXRAY) No. 405 Gen. IV (Gleam Eyes Pokemon)
Type(s): Electric
Abilities: Rivalry/Intimidate (Guts)
Height: 4' 07" (1.4 m)
Weight: 92.6 lbs (42.0 kg)

#668 Pyroar f. (PYROAR) No. 668 Gen. VI (Royal Pokemon)
Abilities: Rivalry/Unnerve (Moxie)
Height: 4' 11" (1.5 m)
Weight: 179.7 lbs (81.5 kg)

Pokemon Moves Used:


Electric Terrain (Gen IV)-
Damage: N/A
Type: Electric
Category: Status
Effect: It raises the power of Electric type moves by 50% and prevents sleep. It lasts up to 5 turns.

Charge (Gen III)-
Damage: N/A
Type: Electic
Category: Status
Effect: It doubles the power of the Pokemon's next move if it is Electric type. It also raises the Special Defense of the Pokemon.

Thunder Fang (Gen IV)-
Damage: Decent 
Type: Electric
Category: Physical
Effect: It causes damage to the targeted Pokemon. It also has a 10% chance of paralyzing and flinching.

Spark (Gen II)-
Damage: Decent 
Type: Electric
Category: Physical
Effect: It causes damage to the targeted Pokemon. It also has a 30% chance of paralyzing.


Work Up (Gen V)- 
Damage: N/A
Type: Normal
Category: Status
Effect: It raises up the users Attack and Special Attack.

Flamethrower (Gen III)-
Damage: Strong
Type: Fire 
Category: Special 
Effect: It causes damage to the targeted Pokemon. It also has a 10% chance of burning.

Headbutt (Gen I)-
Damage: Decent
Type: Normal
Category: Physical
Effect: It causes damage to the targeted Pokemon. It also has a 30% chance of flinching.

Crunch (Gen II)-
Damage: Good
Type: Dark
Category: Physical 
Effect: It causes damage to the targeted Pokemon. It also drops the targets Special Defense. 
Kiara finally reached her home, breathing heavily from running. She headed
straight to the backyard where her Blaziken was taking a nap in the shade of
the Oran tree. She smiled at him before peaking into the house to call out 
for her mom who was most likely upstairs.

"Mom! Come outside, I want you to meet my new team member!"

Kiara yelled as loud as she could before heading back to the porch to let out
her Pokemon move around the yard. She first let out her Gardevoir, she came
out of a Love Ball; a pink Poke Ball with a white trimmed pink heart on the
face. Her new Beedrill came out of a basic red and white Poke Ball, and her 
Luxray out of iconic Luxury Ball. Blaziken sneaked a peak of the Beedrill and
went back to his soft snoring.

By the time her mom made it outside the door, Kiara was already talking to 
her new Beedrill about the team. But it only focused on the Blaziken that was
chasing Gardevoir out of frustration. Luxray just took a spot in the tree to lay
in as he watched the entertainment.

"She awoke him from his nap again, didn't she?"

Kiara's mom asked her while she watched the two run. The Gardevoir just
kept making cheeky sounds as the Blazikens flames grew out of anger.

"Yes, as always. But mom, here's my new Pokemon. I caught him just 
outside the forest. He fell in love with my poffins and couldn't bare to 
watch me walk away."

"You've always had a way with Pokemon. They can always see the good 
in your heart."

Kiara nodded while watching her Pokemon. She called for their attention
and had them walk over to her. They all stood around, the Beedrill still
flying above her shoulder in caution. She listened to his soft buzzing as 
she explained her ideas to her Pokemon and her mom.

"Alright, so here are my plans from here on out: you guys already know
that I have graduated from Pokemon college. Which I couldn't have done
with none of you. But lets make the best of the future and make new

Kiaras mother smiled with joy as she hugged her daughter. She and
Kiaras Pokemon were all looking at her with pride. She pulls away at
arms length to get a good look at her daughter, hands still placed on her

"I'm so proud of you, baby girl."

Kiara blushed and her Pokemon chuckles a little. Kiara pulled her mom 
back into another hug and then stepped back to look at all her Pokemon
and her mother.

"I'm so glad to have you guys, I'm going to miss you mom."

Kiara said looking at her mom. Her mom grinned and pulled at a pouch
that was hanging around her waist.

"I have some stuff for you, and don't forget to see your dad. You know
how he is. But let's have a battle to start of your memories and get you
warmed up for the adventures ahead!"

Her mom grinned as she pulled out her Pokemon and moved them across
her fingers.

"I accept your challenge, mother."
Chapter Two: Home Sweet Home

Pokemon in this Chapter:
#405 Luxray (LUXRAY) No. 405 Gen. IV (Gleam Eyes Pokemon)
LVL: 30+
Type(s): Electric
Abilities: Rivalry/Intimidate (Guts)
Height: 4' 07" (1.4 m)
Weight: 92.6 lbs (42.0 kg)

#015 Beedrill (BEEDRILL) No. 015 Gen. I (Poison Bee Pokemon)
LVL: 10+
Type(s): Bug/Poison
Abilities: Swarm (Sniper)
Height: 3'03" (1.0 m)
Weight: 65.0 lbs (29.5 kg)

#257 Blaziken (BLAZIKEN) No. 257 Gen. III (Blaze Pokemon)
LVL: 36+
Types: Fire/Fighting
Abilities: Blaze (Speed Boost)
Height: 6'03" (1.9 m)
Weight: 114.6 lbs (52.0 kg)

#282 Gardevoir (GARDEVOIR) No. 282 Gen. III (Embrace Pokemon)
LVL: 30+
Types: Psychic/Fairy
Abilities: Synchronize/Trace (Telepathy)
Height: 5'03" (1.6 m) 
Weight: 106.7 lbs (48.4 kg)
"Yeah, good job, Luxray!"

Kiara shouted at her faithful friend, a smile of pride on her face. She
ran up to him in excitement and wrapped her arms around his thick
long mane. He gave a mighty roar before he started to purr and 
nuzzled his nose under her neck.

"Let's heal this poor Beedrill up a little. Looks like you hit them a little
too hard."

Luxray gave a guilty smile as he licked her face. Kiara laughed in 
response and grabbed out his Poke Ball. It was black with a yellow line
in the middle, involving a line inside that one and a white trim around 
the opening. She pulled out a small potion and sprayed it upon the 
scraped and bruised Beedrill.

The Beedrill withdrew his wings and tried to fling its big white drill at
he but fell on its face. Its wings folded in defeat as it laid there once 
again, only movement was its small twitching antennas. Kiara sat
down next to the fallen Pokemon and reached into her bag to grab a 
couple poffins.

"Here you go, I'm sorry that he hurt you so much."

The Beedrill slowly lifted its head and gave out some soft hums as it
reached for the poffins. Kiara smiled and patted its head gently before
she started to head off. She noticed that the further she walked away,
a louder buzzing sound was being created. Her hands quickly reached 
for her team as she whipped around, only to see the source of the

She started to laugh loudly out of relief, for it wasn't an angry swarm 
of vengeful Beedrill. But just the same injured one from beforehand,
quietly staring at her. She headed back to it with a smile. She bent 
down to where she could see eye to eye with it.

"You must really like my poffins."

Kiara chuckled as the Beedrill buzzed with satisfaction. She patted its 
head again and its wings fluttered with joy. She took out a Poke Ball 
and put it in front of the Beedrill, a red beam connecting to the
Beedrill. It turned into the same red light and seemed to be just sucked
into the red and white container.

She beamed at her new team member as she put the extra Poke Ball 
inside her bag. She looked up at the sun that shined brightly at her.
With her arm over her eyes to acknowledge the strength, she grinned
with confidence. She just finished Pokemon college and she hopes to
bring her findings into the world and create new experiences.

"Lets learn everything we can, team."

And with that, she headed back to her town to see her parents one 
last time and prepare her and her Pokemon for the next adventure 
that's on her way.
Chapter One: Beginning Adventures

Pokemon in this Chapter:
#405 Luxray (LUXRAY) No. 405 Gen. IV (Gleam Eyes Pokemon)
LVL: 30+
Type(s): Electric
Abilities: Rivalry/Intimidate (Guts)
Height: 4' 07" (1.4 m)
Weight: 92.6 lbs (42.0 kg)

#015 Beedrill (BEEDRILL) No. 015 Gen. I (Poison Bee Pokemon)
LVL: 10+
Type(s): Bug/Poison
Abilities: Swarm (Sniper)
Height: 3'03" (1.0 m)
Weight: 65.0 lbs (29.5 kg)

Items Used:
Small Potion: It heals the Pokemon slightly from damage.

Poffin: A pastery filled with jam made from berries.

Luxury Ball: "A particularly comfortable Poké Ball that makes a wild Pokémon quickly grow friendlier after being caught."


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Birthday: April 11, 1998
Happily Taken since: January 16, 2016

(Also know as :iconthefemaledoctor1073: and :iconlittle-miss-otaku98:)

People I watch:
:icondalekwithakeyblade: :iconrussramos: :iconnoah-x3: :iconoverseerneversleeps: :iconozokami698: :iconkaduflyer: :icondanesempai: :iconsparkle-the-fox:

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- Alice in the Country of Hearts
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Animes I've Finished:
- Aria the Scarlet Ammo
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- Elfen Lied
- Fruits Basket
- Fullmetal Alchemist
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- Bleach
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